The Inauguration.

Hello there everyone! I welcome you to this platform where I will be sharing a few things that have been deposited in me.

My name is Dennis Munene. I am a young, energetic, focussed and born again Christian. I’m a student, currently in 3rd year pursuing Bachelor of Commerce. I am also a drummer. I have interest in Vehicles, driving, music, travelling, entrepreneurship, philosophy, anthropology, to name just but a few.

 I thought it best to introduce myself before writing any article in order to allow the reader to have a glimpse of the writer, myself.

For a long time, writing never fascinated/interested me before. I honestly never thought that I would ever write. However, some time early this year I felt this strong compulsion to write. This happened when I was driving alone at night. Something was deposited in me: The urge to write, an attraction towards philosophy, philosophical anthropology and pursuit for wisdom. 

I will therefore be writing about life, the reality; things that happen but we keep ignoring them. Little things matter, yet they often go unsaid. My posts will bring out aspects of Ethics and Philosophy, but they will be mainly based on a Christian perspective, Christian teaching. Many are times we do things by our own standards, no wonder we always fail and complain. In Matthew 16:13, Jesus asks his disciples whom the people say that He is. After responding to this, He asked the disciples in verse 15: 

“But whom do say I am?”

From this, ask yourself this question: What do people say about this action; then ask yourself – but what does God say about it? Its time we realised that it is not about the crowd, it is about God: What does He say?

Come let’s walk together, let’s support each other, let’s share with one another. As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.
~Njage Dennis~



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